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"Being in business and trying to decide how to spend my advertising dollar has been one of the most nerve racking and disappointing learning curves of my career. But after meeting Dean from Online Results I have newly restored faith that there IS someone who totally understands the industry and where to put the advertising focus for my business. Dean is upfront, honest and easy to work with - I would highly recommend his company to anyone interested in getting noticed on the web."

Kathy Nicol
Director - Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic NZ

"Over the last 3 years I've invested significant time, money and resources into my online strategy. Now I'm reaping the reward, as my business profits have double for the last two years in a row. Often colleagues ask me how I did it. My answer - work with a professional advisor who knows their stuff, because their aren't enough years to learn and do it all yourself. In New Zealand my strongest recommendation is to work with Dean Payn from Online Results. Dean is one of the sharpest guys I know and his knowledge around all things web and all things marketing is outstanding. So if you're someone that wants to boost your online profits and position your business to succeed for years to come, working with Dean Payn is a must"

Dale Beaumont
Founder of Business Blueprint and Author of 16 Best-Selling Books

It can be a real worry choosing a website developer - I wondered will they represent my brand properly? Will they cost an arm and a leg?

Not so with Online Results! The team really listened to me - they 'got' my style, then cleverly wove my ideas with theirs into a website that is classy with clean lines and very easy to navigate. I admit I am a bit of a perfectionist, but even when I asked for the smallest of changes - the answer was always "Absolutely, of course we can do that for you"!

Yep - I can recommend working with Online Results. It has been a great experience all the way!

Yvonne Godfrey
Parenting Yadults

New Zealand Blue Light is a registered charity and community policing youth program that for the past 29 years has run youth focused activities throughout New Zealand free from drugs, alcohol and violence working closely with the New Zealand Police.

NZ Blue Light traditionally had a website but with staff that were unskilled in working with websites and owning a website that was not user friendly, we felt the website was not working for us. NZ Blue Light knew we had to change the website but being a charity we had to make sure that value for money was a paramount consideration, we undertook the consultation process where we meet with the team from Online Results from that meeting forward the focus of what we wanted from our website became clear, we understood what our website should do for our organisation.

Working with Online Results has been a great experience with regular meetings, phone contact and also a simple step by step guide on what information is required from the customer to populate the website, it couldn't have been easier and the finished result has our staff, volunteers, funders and supporters both locally and internationally absolutely impressed and the staff who are tasked in keeping it up to date smiling at its ease of use .

If value for money, professional staff, a great product and a team that work to your timeframe are what you are looking for in a website and online marketing team then I would recommend Online Results to you.

Mark Veale
National Programmes Manager, NZ Blue Light

One of the biggest risks you can take in business is to continue doing things the way you've always done them.

Technology is always changing, bringing with it new ways to promote your business and new challenges in competition. You can either spend the time to constantly keep up to speed with all these changes, or you can partner with someone who has that expertise already.

For Powder Coating 1988 Ltd we chose to partner with Dean Payn and Online Results. The outcome has been exceptional.

I wouldn't consider myself particularly tech-savvy, but Online Results were able to apply their expertise and build a new website for us that enables us to generate leads, grow our business and excel in the online marketplace.

We're continuing that partnership to help ensure we maximise the potential of internet marketing, and I would suggest in the strongest terms that if you want to do the same, you can do no better than enlisting the help of Dean and the team and Online Results.

Colin Herring
Owner & Director
Powder Coating 1988 Ltd, R.E.P Powder Coating Ltd, Spectrum Powder Coating Ltd

My dealings with Online Results have been professional with excellent results. They are are proactive and enthusiastic.

Online Results are also are quick to finish their projects. I highly recommend their team to anyone who calls.

Grant Wenzlick
Penrose Motors & The Car Inspector

"Thanks for all your help in updating our website and our online booking system.

I find the online booking system great and we have many customers that book online.

The information we receive is all correct as the customer inputs all there details and I can print out the booking form and enter the booking when reception is not so busy . I can also attach the booking form to the job sheet.

The additional information with job requirements and pricing is also good for both the customer and ourselves.

I try to encourage as many people as I can to book online as it is time saving for both myself and the customer.

Also the information is far more accurate than booking over the phone.

I would process approximately 5 bookings per day online and hope to increase the bookings with the help of Andrew and the online results team.

Many thanks

Carleen Shing

Fredco Motors (1997) Ltd


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