Air New Zealand is more than an airline. All Blacks are more than a rugby team. Starbuck is more than a coffee. Cadbury is more than a chocolate bar.

What do these brands have in common? Years of powerful storytelling supplemented by the creative use of technology that captivates customers which in turn provides positive buying experiences that promotes repeat and happy clients.

To build a successful brand in this modern age, it requires more than creating stunning images, logos and websites. To find success in this new age, you will need to know a set plan unequivocally that identifies what your brand means to not only you but your customers!

At OR, we deliver brand success; we do this by priding ourselves in having all the tools necessary, that facilitates success. These tools include strategists, creatives and designers that collaborate, enabling our clients to have a one-stop-shop for all their branding needs.

Social Strategy

Document vs. Creating. Content is KING! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YoutTube, Social Media has taken over not only our attention but also our businesses. It is no longer WANT, we believe it is a NEED, that every company has a sound Social Media strategy to segway their businesses in the next chapter of this modern age!

Media Strategy

In an ideal world this website wouldn’t exist, a client would acknowledge the importance of having web copy before the design starts. Needless to say it’s very important, content is king and people are beginning to understand that. However, back over in reality some project schedules and budgets don’t allow for web copy to be written before the design phase.

Search Strategy

95% of potential clients, find what they are looking for on Page One! An intense search strategy will allow potential clients to find your business immediately and keep you ahead of your competition!

Brand Research

For a strategy to be sound and practical, the R&D stage is vital. Our team have specialized in research & development that identify the critical needs of your brand to stand out! Getting this right, dictates the success of your strategy!

Brand Strategy

Once R&D has been completed, it is our primary objective to build a bespoke Brand Strategy that encompasses all your business goals, that facilitate and promote growth. Our strategies are tailored to our clients, and will be supported through reporting software that puts the proof in the pudding!

Graphic Design

The modern age has skyrocketed our visual demands! For your brand to stand out, we spearhead the design and completion of your brand personality! Our consultation process will help our design team create, visually captivating design that supports your goals as a business!

Brand Design

Graphic Designers are becoming as important to businesses as Accountants & Lawyers. A great visual masterpiece could be the difference between you and your competitors. We can help with ALL Graphic Design needs.

Campaign Management

One of the keys to our success is our approach to managing our projects. Our dedicated Account Managers are here to help. Offering clear and sound feedback to ensure you and your team know exactly what is happening at any time!
We support our Account Managers via reporting software that track our results so you as a client can have confidence in our strategies!

Content Strategy & Creation

Content, Content, Content! Every business needs a content strategy. Content strategies are unique to the company it is being created for. Great content can help your clients understand your business better, which has shown to cut down the buying process.

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