In this day and age, it is paramount that you have an exceptional digital strategy that not only showcases your work and brand but makes sure your business is at the forefront of the customers. Here at OR, formerly known as Online Results, we understand that every business is unique, and it is essential to our customers that each strategy is designed to them and their industry.

In our eyes, our customers are more like partners as we know that it is vital that OR and customers are on the same page. Not only does this create the right synergy, but it also makes sure that the campaigns are built to the highest standards for optimal conversion. With our systems and our preferred technology partners, we know that OR is the right partner for your business or next project.

Website Development

A website is your companies real estate online. The modern age of the internet has reached maturity, and every business needs a website that showcases their business and services. A great website can be the difference in turning potential customers into clients. OR has been building websites for New Zealand SME’s for over 10-years! We have the skills, the team, the experience to deliver a website you as the business owner would be proud of.

Ad Strategy & Creation

A great website is just a great website. Build, and they will not come! Well, some may but not everyone. Your website needs a solid strategy to drive traffic, and that begins with a strong Ad Strategy. A strong Ad Strategy will deliver pre-qualified clients to your business efficiently and effectively. We have been helping business owners for more than a decade create and execute ad strategies that deliver results.

Ad Management & Optimisation

Part of the packages we offer gives our clients the ability to access Account Managers who manage their projects and ensure the projects are continuously optimised to ensure ROI. Our Account Managers are carefully chosen, and all have rich experience in digital ad management and strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google loves an optimised website. The key to a great website is to make sure you come up for the searches where your clients are looking. SEO does this, and we are pretty good at it. We have helped thousands of businesses execute an SEO strategy that drives traffic to their website and convert this traffic into clients.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage and reach your current clients, new clients anyone interested in your brand. We create bespoke email marketing strategies that drive customer engagement, brand loyalty and most importantly, conversion.

Tracking Implementation

At OR we understand the importance of data. We want to give our clients the confidence that their strategy is working. We will build tracking codes to make sure you can accurately review your strategy and its ROI. We believe this is important for all of our clients.

Business Consulting

In this modern age, we have many business owners who are very proactive and have become practitioners of Digital Strategies. In this example, we offer our services from a consulting level to give these business owners direction that their current plan is working.

Ecommerce Development

E-commerce websites have been a fruitful endeavour in this era of online marketing. If you have a direct to consumer product, you need to look at the possibility of taking your business online with an E-commerce website. Online shopping is now a norm, and allowing your clients to purchase online will only drive sales forward.

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