Help Google Solve Peoples Problems and They Will Love You For It
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Posted on January 21, 20150 CommentsPosted by admin in Onlineresults

Help Google Solve Peoples Problems and They Will Love You For It

When optimising your site for improved Google rankings its important you keep one key concept in mind…

“Google exists to solve people problems NOT to promote your business”

However the great thing is, that if you build and maintain your site with this key concept in mind you will win on both fronts. Customers will love how helpful your website is and Google will love on you more and more with higher rankings.

While it’s good and proper to desire higher rankings, remember not to get “tunnel vision” on getting rankings at all cost – relying on tricky techniques like old school link farming as an example will cost you dearly. Google has a vested interest weeding out sites costumed to those kind of old hat tricks to ensure there search customers get the best possible answers to their questions.

Finally don’t let ego get in the way by chasing after search terms that no one is looking for. Too many people get hooked on being page 1 number one for terms that will cost a lot to get but never pay off. Remember to keep SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in its proper context of effective digital marketing, it’s about…

1. Building credibility in the market place with your target market
2. Maximising coverage and Outreaching to your community.

One of our valued clients based here in Auckland is Auto Super Shoppes who with a solid long-term commitment to our SEO strategies have well over 1800 high ranking page one links for meaningful keywords related to their industry. The strategy with Auto Super Shoppes has always been maximising credibility and coverage, and over time they have received rewarding results.

Top quality SEO is well balanced with these four key pillars, 

1. Genuine Communication
2. Good Site Optimisation
3. Increasing Traffic / Capturing Leads
4. Sales / Conversion

With that in mind, here are our trade secrets to achieving great Google Rankings.

On Page Optimisation

  • Clean Code
  • Structure Navigation – Menu
  • Quality Content (Initial Copy)
  • Keyword Optimised
  • Internal Links
  • Alt Tags
  • Title Tags / Meta Info

Off Page Optimisation

  • Social Media General Activity links back to site, Social Sharing, Feeds

Use of…

  • Video
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Quality Link Building (External)
  • Google Business / Local Listing

Content Marketing

  • Adding Regularly Scheduled content to your site
  • Adding New Pages to your site (Larger sites do better)
  • Adding Video to your site (You Tube Channel)
  • Social Media, FB, Tw, WP Sites, Blogger, Instagram, Tumbler
  • Article Syndication
  • Press Releases
  • Podcasting
  • Helpful Downloads Documents / Info graphics / Slides / PDF’s etc

Analysis, Measurement and Results

  • Competitor Analysis (Replication)
  • Web 2.0 Strategy
  • Monitoring Load Speed
  • Monitoring Bounce Rates
  • Monitor Web Master Tools for Errors
  • Set up Google Analytics (Measure Goals / Results)


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