On Friday morning I was sitting at a local cafe, you know supporting local, and I realised that I had been coming to this same Cafe for nearly ten years!

As I was sitting there enjoying my 3rd coffee of the day, I was in awe in how long this Cafe had been serving people like me. I was amazed in such a competitive industry they had survived so long. The reason why I was surprised is that I only ever visit this Cafe due to its convenience.

I looked around, and it was super quiet, more people working then customers, and I was there for over 2-hours witnessing the possible effects of the challenges we have recently faced. I then decided to come by Saturday morning when I know from experience they are super busy due to the local premium shopping.

Businesses & shopping centres surround this particular Cafe, but even the location location location was not saving them from serving the same menu since 2011.

Witnessing this and many similar examples lead me to share the following!

Reasons Why Pivots Are Crucial To Business

Don’t Stop Moving.
Everything is changing at a rapid pace, and the world of business is no exception. 
You need to change with your consumers to stay competitive! 
Strategies for scale and growth need to take into consideration the ever-changing landscape we are exposed to! Especially Social Media!
Welcome Change.
Pivoting can create opportunities to expand revenue.
Remember how creative and inspired you were when you started your business?
Businesses need to continually allocated time to R&D. What other ways can we generate business to achieve our goals!
It’s Easier To Stay Relevant.
In a world where we consume more content than ever before. 
Staying relevant can be as easy as one post a day, and becoming irrelevant is as easy as not posting once a day!
Be Brave.
Some of the best ideas/realizations come after testing different things.
Getting out of your comfort zone and trialling new ideas can be the catalyst for greater ideas!
It Can Reinvigorate The Business.
YES, it really can! How many businesses do you know have Pivoted for the better?