On Sunday, I decided to go to the Moscow Circus with my 2.5-year-old son Mason.

Over the past 2-weeks, I have seen their adverts EVERYWHERE around Albany and the Bays! I can confirm that their advertising strategy worked! And worked well…

I remember reading a book by Grant Cardone where he eloquently said

“people are not buying off you, because they do not know you exist”

In the same book, he also spoke about being OMNIPRESENT. Simply put, being everywhere and anywhere! I believe this was part of the approach by Moscow Circus!

The exciting thing is I have not seen any direct Ads by the Moscow Circus. What I have witnessed is a plethora of Instagram Content and Instagram Stories, where people going to the circus are tagging Moscow Circus in their Instagram story, and the Moscow Circus is re-sharing it on their story! …. WOW, how amazing is that free advertising!

Quick Point on Social Media Stories!

If you have not started sharing on your stories, please give it a go, you will find a great new way to generate new followers and keep your audience engaged!

What I believe the most significant difference between stories and a post is this:

A POST is a content that is being put in front of you as you scroll, so you have no real choice in what you are seeing!
A STORY, you need to choose and click to watch! Almost as if a person wanting to buy a car walks on the showroom looking for a car! 
When the show was about to end the ringmaster asked us to tell all our friends and family, as the way they grow is word of mouth!

I loved this. They had just spent 2-hours blowing our minds, and at the very end, they understood the power of the referral program and asked for some referrals!!!

It would be interesting to see the amount the Moscow Circus has spent on their strategy, as I am witnessing a powerful word of mouth and social media strategy in play that at the surface level only requires time!

Lessons from a 2-years old!

I have learned more than I ever thought I would from my son, and once again, he taught me a great lesson on Sunday!
In between the performances, the stage is constantly changed, preparing for the next performance, and a comedic act becomes the main attraction to entertains us. One of their primary roles is to distract the crowd from the changes happening. They dim the lights and put a spotlight on the act to ensure the group focuses on the comedic actor.
Now my 2-year old did not follow the crowd. Instead, Mason was fixated in the changes and watching the next performers eagerly sneaking their way to the top of the tent getting ready to wow the crowd of their sudden appearance above everyone else!
While everyone was in awe where the next performance began, my son and I saw the whole setup happen.

Immediately the lesson for me became clear. Be careful where the light shines to gain your attention; it is most likely a way to take your attention from where you are not meant to be looking!