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Posted on October 22, 20150 CommentsPosted by admin in Onlineresults

Online Results- The franchise experts

Through our partnership with the Franchise Association of New Zealand, we are unrivalled expertise in digital marketing for franchise or multi-unit businesses.

As franchise specialists, Online Results recognise there is a constant balance between the interests of the Franchisor and Franchisee that must be managed effectively for the whole organization to press forward together on a united front.

We have found that the master franchise often as a “bigger picture” view. They seek to keep a consistent brand image and expand the market share of the group nationwide. The local franchisee can see this activity but sometimes asks, ‘What are you doing for ME in MY area’.

Want a single system for all your online marketing? – PROBLEM SOLVED.

Want only one website for your group, but also allow your franchisees to have their own

moderated section in the website? PROBLEM SOLVED.

Need a secure Intranet where you can store franchisee policy, procedures and

downloadable docs? – PROBLEM SOLVED.

Need an easy way to communicate to your franchisees, and report on who has read this

communication? – PROBLEM SOLVED.

Want to easily provide email promotions for your franchisees to send out to their


Want to give your franchisee’s a little more online marketing freedom but need a way to

quality control, and leverage it so they don’t waste too much time on it – PROBLEM



Our position as Franchise Specialists has been reinforced by the development of an online marketing system that meets the needs of both parties.

We help send the overall message of the franchise, but at the same time help the local business with their promotions and customer service.

Once the online backbone of the organisation has been created, we provide a tailored level of service and support that enables you to keep building.

When you’re looking to market your franchise or multi-unit organization, it makes sense to talk to the Marketing Franchise Specialists.