Personal Vision and Goals 2015
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Posted on January 3, 20150 CommentsPosted by admin in Onlineresults

Personal Vision and Goals 2015

Each year I take the time to write my personal vision and goals – (yes I do my business goals as well – actually I do those every 90 days – But im not talking about those today). This is all the goals that make you the person, the husband (or wife), the father (or mother) or boss (or employee) you really want to be, the goals that shape and reshape you into a person that is bigger than yourself and reaches out beyond your own borders, someone that is full of purpose and has a strong sense of significance outside of business or work…. Well today was my day – my favourite (most favourite) thing to do each year is to hide away at a waterfont cafe (this year The Store at Takapuna), on my own (yes I have no shame looking like a loner), pop in my head phones, play my favourite music, order bunch and coffee’s for as long as it takes and begin to dream – small and big, believing for the best, inputting faith and painting a picture of what I see my life looking like the year ahead. Mission complete – I have written my goals (only took about 3 hours) and I covered keys areas like Family, Marriage, Personal Finances, Emotional Wellbeing, Spiritual and Business / Career – it feels great to have a clear view of where I’m going now and I cant encourage you enough to do this for yourself… to help I have created a word template for anyone to use. Its not the be and end all of goal templates – in fact something nice and simple to use, personally I dont put time to my personal goals or the year any more, instead, I read them each week and look to do small steps / tasks to making them come to pass – but to be honest the magic really comes from simply knowing where your going and having the faith to believe it can and will happen! Download now if you wish by clicking in the link below (remember these are my personal goal headings and topics – if you dont agree or like some of them – guess what – its a word doc and you can just change them 🙂

Download Personal Vision & Goals 2015