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The journey from how your brand is currently perceived and its ultimate attainment of potential is what we call the Brand Realisation Journey. It doesn’t matter if the brand is new or has been around for a while – it’s always important to reconnect and make impactful course corrections.
Going through this process gives the brand, and therefore the business…

A new lease of life, renewed vigour, ideas, energy and drive to move towards it’s vision.

Every business must be treated individually, but the full spectrum of this branding journey can be as follows:

  1. Discovery Meeting
    To meet your marketing needs, we must understand the journey your company has taken up to this point, and what your goals are for the future. Along the way we discover things like culture, history, mandate, current structure, support, HR, policies and procedure, product/service delivery systems, study the sales funnel, and identify pain points.
  2. Think Tank Session
    Based on your requirements, we assemble a team of experts across all the relevant fields to analyze every aspect of your branding, regarding its current perception and position in the marketplace.
    This includes:

    • Market Brand Perception
    • Research Channels
    • National & Local Initiatives
    • Objectives/Success Metrics
    • Proposed Company Direction (short, medium, long term)
  3. Insight Discussion
    We walk you through our initial findings to highlight further development opportunities for your company. We involve you and key stakeholders to ensure we have your buy-in right from the start.
  4. Design and Develop Marketing Strategy
    • Executive Summary
    • Current Position
    • Target Market
    • Marketing objectives
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Overview of Marketing Approach
    • Results Driven Initiatives
    • Conclusion
  5. Determine Sales and Marketing Road Map
  6. Present Marketing Budget
    We source and negotiate with key suppliers and find the best value deals possible to assist you in creating a marketing budget that goes further.
  7. Present Marketing Plan Powerpoint
    Your new marketing plan is presented to key decision makers, then all stakeholders to achieve maximum buy-in and promote transparency.