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Database Marketing

Also known as Email Marketing, our Database Marketing tools are a testament to the power of leverage.
An existing customer is seven times more likely to buy again from you in future than a completely new customer, yet we can spend so much time trying to capture new business that this potential revenue stream is neglected.
Online Results will integrate database marketing as a key element in your overall online marketing strategy to ensure your company maintains ‘front of mind’ awareness with existing customers who have the potential to become raving fans.

The difference between an effective email marketing campaign and ‘Spam’ can be summed up on one word: Relevance.

Marketing unrelated products and services to your client list is an annoyance, but providing information and offers that are directly related to their past interactions with you can become a valued resource and a testament to premium quality customer service.

Database Marketing done well will also save you time!

Think about the business you lose because of the enquiries you just don’t get back to? Online Results will structure your database marketing campaigns to ensure that core information can be communicated instantly via email messages that directly correspond to the type of questions your customers are asking.
Leverage your existing database to create a marked increase in sales revenue with an Online Results Database Marketing Solution