Measuring marketing results
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Test & Measure

Is marketing an Art or a Science? The truth is, it’s both.

We love good design because we recognise that there is power in aesthetics the beauty or power of the imagery and words we use. The target audience will then respond depending on how well your message connected with the thoughts and beliefs they hold dear.

However you would be surprised how finely tuned that response can be. Change one colour or one word and success can become failure and visa versa.

This is where the process of testing and measure shows its true value.

Online Marketing is particularly powerful as it is the most measurable marketing medium the world has ever seen. Not only can a customer’s website visits be recorded, but their visitor flow, the pages they exit from, geolocation, even the varying level of engagement generated from each page.

If you wonder why marketing success can be so elusive, it’s because marketing can only be truly successful when it is learned from and built upon.

There is no company on earth who has knocked the ball out of the park every time, and in fact you can waste a lot of money chasing a marketing panacea that is the cure to all your advertising ills.

Instead, start with what you know to be true and commit to a process of testing and measuring, making subtle variations in the short term that can lead to enormous gains in the long term.

The tools already exist and Online Results are proficient in their application for your next marketing initiative. Talk to us and make sure they’re in place before you start, this will ensure that your next campaign will be a success.