4 strategies to promote
your business online
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The Process

You will be pleased to know that when you work with Online Results we have a compulsory 30 Day Results Session where we evaluate the results we have achieved and strategise the goals and focus for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

Why? Because, when it comes to your business succeeding online we are not playing games we want results


There are 5 steps we take all of our clients through when establishing a new Online Sales and Marketing Solution, 



The best people you can have designing your website are professional marketers that understand the best "bait and hooks" to lure your prospects to purchase your products and services. When strategising with our clients we evaluate your current Sales and Marketing Strategy to understand how you are currently gettng new prospects into your sales funnel, then we create you a virtual or Online Sales and Marketing Strategy, so we can attract hot leads and prospects into your business using savvy online tools and tactics to get you the best possible results.



This is when our graphic designers who are professionals when it comes to working with websites go to work, creating you a online presence that you will not only be proud of, but your clients will love to experience. Throughout this process you are 100% in the loop so you can have your say and your feedback is heard.



During this phase, our techo's take the artwork and begin to custom develop your site, adding the look and feel what we effectively call your "Demand Generation Engine". Having the best developers on board, we make sure this phase moves quickly and without any headache to you. In fact - its during this phase we are will be priming you up and ensuring you have all your systems in place to launch off with a hiss and roar!


Go Live

Thats right - we go live - (not until you're 100% happy of course!)


Test and Measure

This starts with our compulsory 30 Day Results Session mentioned above. Luckily for you Online Marketing is one of the most measurable forms of marketing on the face of the planet. Our "Rinse and Repeat" philosophy means we are always looking for ways to freshen up and find ways to improve (even if its just a few tweaks here and there) and finally repeat the cycle so we can test and measure again and again and again. (I guess you can say we are a little anal when its comes to making sure you get results!)